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Polunin explains his indecision

24 DEC 14     Sergei Polunin has given an interview to Izvestia, the Moscow daily, this week where he rows back on previous headlines that he was moving to Hollywood, and  READ ON>

Vasiliev on Ashton, freelancing, and a new love

27 OCT 14      Ivan Vasiliev has given a long interview in Moscow rejecting the idea that his leaving the Bolshoi was anything to get upset about, and suggesting that in future the freelance life will become increasingly standard   READ ON>

First Russian Manon loses in translation, not least its star

10 JUL 14     Sergei Polunin, the famous disappearing-act of ballet, disappeared yet again last week from his latest company just before starring in the first Russian performances of Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon. Pity Moscow’s Stanislavsky   READ ON>

The Royal Ballet's classy prostitute

25 JUN 14     Moscow’s senior critic Tatyana Kuznetsova adds her  high praise for the Royal Ballet’s Manon to the ovations that greeted the company’s tour last week. Not unexpectedly, the immense draw of former Bolshoi star Natalia Osipova   READ ON>

Rave for McRae, Lamb and the English ballet

25 JUN 14     Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb are garlanded in superlatives by this reviewer from the major newspaper Izvestia, whose coverage of the Royal Ballet Moscow tour last week     READ ON>

Manon is keenly awaited in Russia

24 JUN 14    Another preview of Manon by a Russian TV channel makes clear once again of the anticipation of the Moscow public for the Royal Ballet’s performance of Kenneth MacMillan’s drama ballet, never before seen at the Bolshoi.     READ ON>


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