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An archive of 25 years of British dance

"What to some is splendid entertainment, to others is merely tedium and fidgets"


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     ABBA     |06 Mamma Mia! tests Russia

     Carlos Acosta    |10 My summer reading    |09 With the RB in Cuba (TV)   |09 Spartacus    |08 Creation of Brandstrup’s Rushes (interview)    |05 Swan Lake    |05 Gloria     |04 Tocororo    |04 Mayerling    |04 How Cuba became a hothouse of ballet    |03 The breakdancer who became a prince (interview)    |03 Global guide to male ballet styles    |01 Houston Ballet     |99 RB debuts: My Brother My Sisters, Giselle     |98 Cometh the hour, cometh the man (interview)

     Anton Adassinski          |01 Absolute clowns (Derevo interview)

     Pedro Aguilar      |09 Obituary

     Alicia Alonso    |19 Obituary     |19 Appreciation: the deathless Alicia      |13 Fernando Alonso obituary    |08 Alberto Alonso obituary    |07 The Messerer Dynasty    |05 Alicia Alonso and the Cuban ballet (Sadler’s Wells)     |04 How Cuba became a hothouse of ballet (interview)

     Richard Alston    |98 From Eton to the avant-garde (interview)

     Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater    |02 Judith Jamison interview  

      Scott Ambler    |18 Obituary     |18 'A prince among men', Matthew Bourne's tribute

     American Ballet Theatre    |09 Georgina Parkinson obituary    |07 ABT at SWT    |98 New York's two great ballet companies (NYCB and ABT)

     Amici     |15 35 Amici Drive

     Nina Ananiashvili    |06 Bright star of Georgia sparks a revolution (report from Tbilisi)    |04 ‘I haven’t danced my best ballet yet’ (interview)     |99 Raymonda (Bolshoi)

     Julian Anderson    |01 Collaborating with Mark Baldwin (interview)    |01 The Bird Sings With its Fingers

     Gerald Arpino    |08 Obituary

     Arts politics    |16 Brexit and dance     |12 Welcome Bazalgette, new Arts Council chief   |12 Arts philanthopist Jonathan Moulds      |12 Arts philanthropist Donatella Flick     |11 Dance’s Question Time: the great debate    |10 Arts: must-have or nice-to-have? Radio 4 Call You & Yours on arts    |05 Sadler’s Wells policy    |04 MPs and dance    |01 Dance buildings galore    |98 Why put Britain’s best on the breadline?

     David Ashmole    |09 Obituary

     Frederick Ashton   |13 The long legs of Marguerite and Armand      |12 The ballet of Ondine    |11 Launch of Frederick Ashton Foundation    |11 Ashton heir Tony Dyson interview    |11 Ashton's Romeo and Juliet (Schaufuss Ballet)    |10 After a dance-maker dies: choreographers’ legacy    |10 The creation of Scènes de Ballet      |05 What is Ashton style?    |05 Ondine    |04 Guillem dances Ashton in Paris    |04 A Wedding Bouquet    |00 Marguerite and Armand lives again (Guillem and Le Riche interview)   |00 The neglected genius of British ballet (Tudor and Ashton)   |99  The heirs and problematic afterlife of Ashton's ballets (Anthony Russell-Roberts interview)     |95 Tales of Beatrix Potter

     Fred Astaire   |99 Turning Point: Flying Down To Rio, 1933

     Altynai Asylmuratova   |00 Dancing worlds apart (Bhuller interview)   |00 Kirov Sleeping Beauty/ Romeo    |99 Dancing partners: Asylmuratova & Mukhamedov interviews    |97 The grand illusionist (interview)    |97 Don Quixote     |97 Romeo and Juliet     |97 The Fountain of  Bakhchisarai          |96 Why I despair of the Kirov (interview)

     Australian Ballet     |19 Dame Margaret Scott obituary

     Jean Babilée    |14 Obituary

     George Balanchine   |06 Don Quixote, Farrell Ballet    |06 A passionate love-letter reopened (Suzanne Farrell interview)    |06 Stravinsky and choreography    |01 Kirov Ballet, ROH    |00 The battle for Balanchine (NYCB + Martins interviews)    |95 Markova reconstructs Le Rossignol

     Mark Baldwin    |16 The Creation     |09 Ballet meets science: Baldwin and Darwin (interview)    |06 Stravinsky and choreography          |05 Constant Speed, Rambert     |04 New Rambert director interview    |01 Collaboration with composer Julian Anderson    |01 The Bird Sings With  its Fingers    |01 Roundup of 2001    |99 Julius Tomb          |97 Tuireadh

     Ballerinas     |15 The best ballerinas at the moment are hairy and male     |09 Baryshnikov on his ballerinas      |04 The two graces (Cojocaru & Rojo)   |04 Inspiring ballerina duos      |01 The six o’clock views     

     The Ballet Boyz (Michael Nunn & William Trevitt)    |16 Rabbit, Fiction     |09 Two TV films: RB in Cuba/ Rite of Spring    |03 Sylvie and the Boyz (interviews with Guillem, Maliphant, Boyz)    |03 Maliphant's Broken Fall    |02 Maliphant's Torsion & Critical Mass   |01 And then there were two (interview)    |01 George Piper Dances debut prog   |99 What's so special about K Ballet?

     Ballet schooling    |12 Opinion: What ballet school is for    |11 Robert Parker to head school    |00 Wanted: men with sex appeal (Matthew Bourne, Gailene Stock interviews)  

     Ballet shoes    |03 Arch rivals: old v new tech in pointe shoes

     Ballets Russes    |17 Foreword to Michael Meylac's Behind the Scenes at the Ballets Russes     |06 Stravinsky and the choreographers    |97 John Drummond on Diaghilev (interview)    |95 Markova reconstructs Le Rossignol

     Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo   |15 The best ballerinas at the moment are hairy and male   |13  Forty years of Trocking: Tory Dobrin (interview)     |11 Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, UK tour     |10 Becoming a Trock (photo interview)    

     Clive Barnes     |08 Obituary

     Irina Baronova    |08 Obituary

     Mikhail Baryshnikov    |10 Compilation Q&A: Part 1   |Compilation Q&A: Part 2     |04 ‘I hate authority’ (interview)    |04 Solos with Piano (& Michael Clark), Barbican    |02 White Oak Dance: Childs, Rainer, Hawkins    |02 Baryshnikov gets radical (interview)   |99 White Oak Dance: Bando, Brown, Guerin, Morris     |96 The reinvention of Baryshnikov (interview)   |93 Not so much a hero, just a man dancing (interview)

     Yuri Bashmet    |07 In love with the sound of death (interview)   |94 How Yuri fought out of Bash-Street (interview)

     Pina Bausch    |12 Viktor    |11 Dancing Dreams (documentary on staging Kontakthof)  |11 Wim Wenders’ Pina 3D     |10 Meeting Pina Bausch (interview)    |10 After a dance-maker dies: choreographers’ legacy    |10 Kontakthof    |09 Obituary    |05 Dancing through the fireproof carnations    |05 Nelken    |02 A place where life happens (interview)    |99 Viktor     |95 Nelken, Edinburgh

     La Bayadère    |15 Jeyasingh's Bayadère - The Ninth Life     |11 Mariinsky (Lopatkina), ROH     |00 Kirov/Mariinsky (Lopatkina), ROH

     Maurice Béjart    |07 Obituary     |93 Monsieur Béjart is finally ready for his close-up (interview)

     Joan Benesh    |14 Obituary

     Leanne Benjamin    |13 Retirement interview    |11 Manon    |10 Brandstrup's Invitus/Invitam    |04 Mayerling    |99 With K Ballet (interviews)     |98 Starlife     |97 The Judas Tree

     Alan Bennett    |12 People, National Theatre    |09 The Habit of Art, National Theatre

     Natalia Bessmertnova   |08 Obituary

     Darshan Singh Bhuller   |01 The naked truth (interview)    |00 Dancing worlds apart: creating for Mukhamedov & Asylmuratova (interview)

     Luigi Bianchi          |92 On finding Mendelssohn's original violin concerto (interview)

     David Bintley   |09 Ballet meets science: Bintley and Einstein (interview)    |06 Stravinsky and choreography     |05 A ray of sunshine over Birmingham (interview)    |02 Tombeaux    |01 Arthur    |00 Into exile on a high note (interview)   |99 Edward II          |99 Shakespeare Suite     |98 How de Valois changed my life     |97 Tombeaux, Nutcracker Sweeties

     Birmingham Royal Ballet   |16 Shakespeare bill (Bintley/ Lang/ Limon)     |05 A ray of sunshine over Birmingham   |01 The Nutcracker   |01 Bintley's Arthur    |00 Into exile on a high note (Hippodrome closure)   |00 In the realm of the Nutcracker king (Wright interview)        |99 StarLife: Andrew Murphy & Joseph Cipolla     |99 Bintley's Edward II     |99 Bintley's Shakespeare Suite          |97 Balanchine's Serenade, Orpheus, 4Ts     |95 Tudor/ Massine/ Balanchine

     Bolshoi Ballet   |16 The Taming of the Shrew, The Flames of Paris, Le Corsaire     |15 Read and Franchetti's film, Bolshoi Babylon      |13 Bolshoi dismisses Nikolai Tsiskaridze    |13 Opinion: Crime and moral evasion    |13 Sergei Filin: I’ll be back    |13 Bolshoi chief attacked with acid    |10 Marina Semyonova obituary    |09 Ekaterina Maximova obituary    |08 Side by side (Vasiliev/Maximova interview)    |08 Olga Lepeshinskaya obituary    |08 Grigorovich returns, Ratmansky leaves    |08 Alexei Ratmansky explains his resignation (interview)   |08 Natalia Bessmertnova obituary    |08 Kobborg stages La Sylphide    |07 Wheeldon creates Hamlet ballet    |06 Bright star of Georgia sparks a revolution (Ananiashvili interview)    |05 Ratmansky stages Shostakovich’s Bolt    |04 Pierre Lacotte on recreating The Pharaoh’s Daughter (interview)    |01 Heroes of our culture (Hochhausers interview)    |95 Grigorovich leaves Bolshoi

     Rafael Bonachela         |05 From Rambert to Kylie Minogue

     Teneisha Bonner          |19 Obituary

     Laurie Booth          |03 Ice/Dreams/Fire

     Matthew Bourne         |18 'A prince among men', Matthew Bourne's tribute to Scott Ambler     |15 Jonathan Ollivier obituary          |14 Lord of the Flies     |12 The Sleeping Beauty    |12 Play Without Words    |12  Early Adventures    |12 Filming Swan Lake 3D (interview)    |05 Bourne & Lez Brotherston interview on Highland Fling revival    |05 Highland Fling     |04 Swan Lake    |03 Play Without Words    |03 Nutcracker!    |02 The battle over Swan Lake (Bourne interview)   |00 Wanted: men with sex appeal (Matthew Bourne, Gailene Stock interviews)   |97 Highland Fling     |96 Swan Lake West End premiere     |96 A new Swan Lake that will ruffle feathers (interview)     |95 Birth of a new Swan Lake (photo feature)

     Val Bourne    |95 The Dance Umbrella story

     Auguste Bournonville    |08 Kobborg Bolshoi La Sylphide    |05 Royal Danish Ballet SWT

     Kim Brandstrup    |15 Transfigured Night, Rambert          |12 Metamorphosis: Titian 2012    |10  Invitus/Invitam (Benjamin/Watson)    |09 Goldberg (Rojo)     |08 Creation of Rushes (interviews with Brandstrup & Acosta)    |01 Elegy, Saints and Shadows     |96 Crime Fictions

     Bryony Brind     |15 Obituary

     Benjamin Britten    |12 The Prince of the Pagodas, Royal Ballet    |12 Billy Budd, ENO    |11 The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne

     Lez Brotherston   |05 Bourne & Lez Brotherston interview on Highland Fling revival

     Buster Brown    |02 Obituary    |92 Fancy feet: Buster Brown interview

     Trisha Brown    |17 Obituary      |07 Set & Reset, Present Tense, Canto/Pianto, Edinburgh    |05 Glacial Decoy, how long..., Astral Convertible, Sadler’s Wells    |03 The singer's dance of death: Winterreise (interviews with Brown & Simon Keenlyside)

     Christopher Bruce   |01 Rambert 75th anniversary interview    |01 Rooster   |99 Inspired by Chaucer (interview)      |98 Lorca's poetry in motion (interview)     |98 Cruel Garden          |97 Moonshine

     Mark Bruce     |97 Working with P J Harvey (interview)     |97 Dance Hall at Louse Point

     Jonathan Burrows    |09 Stop Quartet    |08 Burrows & Matteo Fargion interview    |08 Perfect partnerships    |03 Dance’s vanishing man (interview)      |03 Both Sitting Duet       |97 Stop Quartet, Quintet       |96 One step beyond     |96 Blue/Yellow (Guillem's Evidentia)

     Darcey Bussell   |01 The six o’clock views    |98 Darcey conquers Russia (La Bayadère)    |97 Dancemaster and the woman he adores (Glen Tetley interview)    |96 Princess on a pedestal (interview)     |95 Giselle debut

     Rosemary Butcher      |16     The choreographer who changed my eyes     |97 Fractured Narratives, Fragmented Landscapes          |95  An intrepid explorer (interview)