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"What to some is splendid entertainment, to others is merely tedium and fidgets"


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     Antony McDonald    |09 How to design The Nutcracker (interview & visuals)

     Elaine McDonald     |18 Obituary

     John Macfarlane    |10 Designs on Cinderella (interview)    |09 How to design The Nutcracker (interview & visuals)

     Wayne McGregor    |16 Obsidian Tear      |15 Woolf Works      |12 Metamorphosis: Titian 2012     |06 The RB's new resident choreographer (interview)     |03 Qualia     |01 Ancient and modern (McGregor & Akram Khan)    |01 Duo:Logue    |01 Digit01    |99 Sulphur 16      |97 Millenarium     |95 Cyborg

     Amanda McKerrow   |98 New York's two ballet stories (interview)

     Donald MacLeary   |98 Moving reunion between Seymour and MacLeary

     Deborah MacMillan   |09 Sublime or ridiculous? Revising MacMillan’s Isadora   |o4 Anastasia revised    |02  A bunch of amateurs’: Lady MacMillan accuses the Board (interview)   |02 RB Board 'given ultimatum' over Stretton    |96 Keeping the dream alive (interview)        

★|     Kenneth MacMillan   |20 Anne Heaton obituary     |17 25 years after his death          |15 Choreographing to words: Song of the Eaarth           |12 Las Hermanas    |12 20th anniversary video survey of MacMillan’s ballets     |10 The Judas Tree    |10 Gang-rape in ballet: Thiago Soares on The Judas Tree     |09 Different Drummer: Biographer Jann Parry interview    |09 Psychoanalysing MacMillan’s ballets    |09 Georgina Parkinson obituary    |09 Sublime or ridiculous? Revising MacMillan’s Isadora    |08 Maryon Lane obituary    |06 The Designers (Royal Opera House)    |o4 Anastasia revised    |04 Mayerling (Cope/Rojo)     |02 Mayerling (Kobborg/Cojocaru)     |98 Manon's new respectability

     Natalia Makarova    |09 Baryshnikov on his ballerinas    |03 Bringing Beauty back to life (interview)   |99 The thistledown queen (interview)

     Russell Maliphant    |10 Afterlight    |09 Tribute to Diaghilev (Maliphant, Cherkaoui, de Frutos interviews)    |09 In the Spirit of Diaghilev, SWT    |09 Eonnagata    |03 Sylvie and the Boyz (Guillem, Ballet Boyz, Maliphant interviews)    |03 Broken Fall    |03       One, Two, Choice     |01 The Schubert of modern dance    |01 Critical Mass, George Piper Dances    |98 Shift/Critical Mass     |95 Paradigm

     Stella Mann     |13 Obituary

     Manon   |12 20th anniversary video survey of MacMillan’s ballets   |05  Guillem, Cope, RB     |01 Kirov (Zakharova, Ayupova), ROH    |98 Shock that turned to respect for the ballet of Manon  

     Colette Marchand     |15 Obituary

     Mariinsky Ballet    |16 Van Manen/Robbins/McGregor, Cardiff    |09 Dancer or circus pony? (Somova and Shklyarov interviews)     |08 Yuri Fateev: keeper of the Kirov flame (interview)    |06 Shostakovich ballets at Mariinsky (Gergiev and Lopatkina interviews)    |06 Shostakovich ballets, Coliseum     |05 Forsythe, ROH    |01 Heroes of our culture (Hochhausers interview)   |01 Le Corsaire, ROH    |01 The Sleeping Beauty, ROH    |01 Balanchine, ROH    |01 Manon, ROH    |oo Premiere of restored Sleeping Beauty, ROH     |00 La Bayadere (Lopatkina), ROH     |00 Jewels (Lopatkina), Fokine (Asylmuratova), ROH          |00 Sleeping Beauty/ Romeo & Juliet, ROH    |00 The Kirov reconstruction of 1890 Sleeping Beauty    |98 Darcey conquers Russia (Bussell at the Kirov)      |97 Symphony in C, Giselle          |97 Fokine's two Dying Swans          |96 Why I despair of the Kirov (Asylmuratova interview)

     Maguy Marin    |03 Cinderella

     Alicia Markova    |04 Obituary    |00 The girl who defied gravity (interview)    |95 Markova reconstructs Balanchine's Le Rossignol    |92 The child who cast a spell on Diaghilev (Markova and de Valois interviews)

     Cathy Marston     |16 Jane Eyre

     Peter Martins   |00 The battle for Balanchine (interview)

     Leonid Massine     |95 Le Tricorne, BRB

     Matt Mattox     |13 Obituary

     Ekaterina Maximova    |09 Obituary    |08 Side by side (Vasiliev and Maximova interview)

     Mayerling   |12 20th anniversary video survey of MacMillan’s ballets     |04 Cope/Rojo Mayerling    |02 Kobborg/Cojocaru Mayerling     

     Men in ballet    |14 Where are the male ballet greats now?     |12 The male dancer: Sky Arts   |07 Five Russian men who changed ballet      |05 Jock Soto: The superman of dance)    |03 Global guide to male ballet styles   |00 Wanted: men with sex appeal (Gailene Stock, Matthew Bourne interviews)    |00 The real Billy Elliots (Robert Parker, Philip Mosley interviews)

     Mikhail Messerer   |10 How to restore Swan Lake (interview)     |07 The Messerer Dynasty: the Bolshoi's first family

     Agnes de Mille    |98 National Theatre stages Oklahoma!: Hugh Jackman interview    |97 Carol Easton's de Mille biography    |92 De Mille’s Martha Graham biography

     Arthur Miller    |10 All My Sons

     Mime    |15 The pleasures of mime theatre     |11 Les Antliaclastes     |11 A guide to puppetry    |07 Philippe Genty/Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes    |04 Alwin Nikolais, Edinburgh    |02 Clown jewels    |01 Absolute clowns (Derevo interview)

     Arthur Mitchell    |18 Obituary

     Igor Moiseyev    |07 Obituary

     Patrick Moore    |12 RIP xylophonist Sir Patrick Moore    |98 Waltzes? I just love 'em (interview)

     Norman Morrice   |08 Obituary

     Mark Morris    |10 L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato    |07 Mozart Dances    |02 America’s last dance    |00 Four Saints in Three Acts, Dido & Aeneas      |99 I want to teach the world to dance (Morris interview)     |99 Gloria, The Argument, Rhymes with Silver, Sadler's Wells     |95 One Charming Night, Polka etc, Edinburgh

     Johaar Mosaval     |23 Obituary

     Jonathan Moulds   |12 Nicola Benedetti's Stradivarius patron (interview)

     Mary-Ellen Moylan     |21 Obituary

     Irek Mukhamedov   |07 Five Russian men who changed ballet     |04 Mayerling    |01 Mukhamedov Gala SWT    |01 ‘I was kicked like a nothing‘ (interview)    |99 Ballet’s dream team: Mukhamedov & Asylmuratova interviews    |98 Strength and subtlety (interview)    |95 ‘He is the best English man' (on Bruce Sansom)  |95 Lesley's last partner (Lesley Collier on Mukhamedov)     |93 After MacMillan: interview

     Music and dance   |06 Shostakovich ballets at Mariinsky   |06 Stravinsky’s ballets    |05 Shostakovich’s Bolt staged at Bolshoi    |03  Trisha Brown choreographs Winterreise   |02 Why are ballet conductors so bad? (Vasko Vassiliev interview)    |01 The Bird Sings With  its Fingers    |01 Mark Baldwin & Julian Anderson interview   |01  Bintley & John McCabe’s Arthur, BRB    |95 Kirov conductor Viktor Fedotov

     Musicals    |10 Shoes    |10 Composer Richard Thomas interview    |08 Javier de Frutos & Richard Thomas’s Cattle Call    |07 Michael Kidd obituary    |06 Mamma Mia! test for Russia     |04 Singin’ in the Rain (Adam Cooper)    |99 Astaire & Rogers’ first film Flying Down to Rio    |99 Chita Rivera interview    |98 Hugh Jackman (Oklahoma!) interview    |98 Susan Stroman (Oklahoma!) interview    |97 Agnes de Mille biography reviewed

     Ivan Nagy    |14 Obituary

     Nadia Nerina    |08 Obituary

     Netherlands Dance Theatre    |07 Glen Tetley obituary    |00 NDT's three generations    |98 Van Manen, Edinburgh

     New York City Ballet    |05 Jock Soto: dance’s superman    |02 Stars of New York City Ballet, SWT    |02 Fears for America’s dance scene   |01 NYCB, Edinburgh Festival    |01 Here are the six o’clock views    |00 The battle for Balanchine (Peter Martins interview)    |98 New York's two great ballet companies (NYCB and ABT)

     Basil Newby    |97 Blackpool: Mecca for contemporary dance? (interview)     |97 Funny Girls, Blackpool

     Lloyd Newson    |05  Just For Show    |03 Further adventures of an inspired outsider (interview)    |99 Interview on production of Happiest Day    |99 The Happiest Day of My Life      |95 Enter Achilles

     Vaslav Nijinsky   |20 Nijinsky and Spectre de la Rose          |09 Tribute to Diaghilev (3 choreographers interview)    |07 Five Russian men who changed ballet     |06 Stravinsky’s ballets   |03 Kirov Rite of Spring    |00 ‘Reconstruction’ of Rite of Spring     |99 Turning Point: The Rite of Spring, 1913

     Alwin Nikolais    |04 Alwin Nikolais company, Edinburgh

     Northern Ballet          |16 Cathy Marston's Jane Eyre, Jonathan Watkins' 1984      |99 Didy Veldman's Carmen

     Marianela Nuñez          |99 StarLife (Nuñez and Wishinski interview)

     Rudolf Nureyev    |15 Richard Curson Smith's film, Rudolf Nureyev - Dance to Freedom          |09 Eva Evdokimova obituary    |08 Rosella Hightower obituary    |07 Five Russian men who changed ballet     |00 Paris Opera Ballet since Nureyev (Brigitte Lefèvre interview)  |00 Revival of Marguerite and Armand (Guillem interview)    |95 Nureyev's Romeo and Juliet, ENB     |91 Nureyev interview on Fonteyn's death: 'She gave me backbone'

     The Nutcracker    |09 How to design The Nutcracker    |03 Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!    |01 Wright/BRB    |00 In the realm of the Nutcracker king (Wright interview)    |00 What’s left of the original Nutcracker (unedited discussion)    |96 Which Nutcracker is best? Children choose

     Eugene O’Neill    |12 Desire Under the Elms    |11 Long Day’s Journey Into Night

     Annabelle Lopez Ochoa     |15 A Streetcar Named Desire     |12 A Streetcar Named Desire (Scottish Ballet premiere)

     Henri Oguike    |13 V4: Four Seasons    |09 Programme note on Oguike’s career    |07 Top of the tree (Oguike & De Frutos)     |05 School failure turned dance sensation (interview)    |05 Tippett, Bury St Edmunds    |05 Second Signal, Messiah, Swindon

     Jonathan Ollivier     |15 Obituary

     Ondine    |12 The composer and the water-nymph: Henze’s ballet    |05 Ondine (Rojo)     |oo Ondine (Wildor)     |99 Ondine (Durante)

     Onegin     |01 Onegin (Rojo, Cooper, Cojocaru)

     Natalia Osipova     |16 Osipova and Polunin, SWT           |13 Osipova to join the Royal Ballet    |11 Ashton's Romeo and Juliet (Schaufuss Ballet)    |11 Lovers, off and on (interview Osipova & Ivan Vasiliev)    |11 Giselle 3D (with Sarafanov)   |08 Dancing Kobborg’s Bolshoi Sylphide (interview)    |08 Ratmansky/Bolshoi The Flames of Paris

     Annette Page     |17 Obituary

     Ashley Page    |12 Ochoa/Meckler’s A Streetcar Named Desire, Scottish Ballet    |10 Snubbed chief bites back (interview)    |10 Scottish Ballet, Geometry + Grace

     Paris Opera Ballet    |16 Ratmansky/ Balanchine/ Robbins/ Peck     |10 Frederick Wiseman’s film La Danse    |08 Rosella Hightower obituary    |07 Nina Vyroubova obituary    |04 Royal Ballet/Paris Opera Ballet entente gala   |00 The French are simply the best (Brigitte Lefèvre interview)     |99 Forsythe/ Preljocaj (Guérin)

     Robert Parker     |11 Parker to head school    |01 La Fille mal gardée     |01 Dance names to watch  

     Georgina Parkinson    |09 Obituary

     Steve Paxton     |95 Dance Umbrella

     Diana Payne-Myers     |20 Obituary

     Murray Perahia    |12 Barbican recital    |11 Barbican recital     |91 On Horowitz, Mozart and virtuosity (interview)

     John Percival          |12 Obituary

     Roland Petit    |11 Obituary    |07 Nina Vyroubova obituary    |98 Not Giselle but Carmen (Zizi Jeanmaire interview)

     Phoenix Dance Theatre    |08 José Limón revival    |08 Javier de Frutos & Richard Thomas’s Cattle Call    |07 Top of the tree (Phoenix at Venice Biennale)    |05 Sadler’s Wells    |95      Donaldson/ Orphy Robinson collaboration/ Taylor     |95 The right moves at the right time

     Photography in dance    |11 Ballet photographer extraordinaire (Colin Jones interview & gallery)    |03 Viewfinder: Johan Persson

     Arthur Pita     |15 Facada (Osipova & Vasiliev)      |03 Bugger - a Fairy Tale, BoomShe SheBoom

     Crystal Pite     |16 Betroffenheit     |15 A Picture of You Falling      |14 Polaris

     Maya Plisetskaya    |15 Obituary     |14 Pillow-talk with the KGB (Plisetskaya/Shchedrin interview)    |10 ‘The composer’s life is a marathon’ (Rodion Shchedrin interview)    |07 The Messerer Dynasty: the Bolshoi's first family    |01  I, Maya Plisetskaya review

     Giannandrea Poesio    |17 Obituary

     Sergei Polunin     |16 Polunin and Osipova duet programme    |15 Floored again (Giselle with Zakharova)     |13 Marguerite and Armand (with Rojo)     |10  A new prince inherits his kingdom

     Angelin Preljocaj    |02 Helikopter/ Rite of Spring    |00 Modern lovers in a bleak world (interview Romeo and Juliet)          |oo Romeo and Juliet (review)          |99 Le Parc, Paris Opera Ballet     |95 Les Noces

     André Prokovsky    |09 Obituary

     Ron Protas    |96 The man who inherited a legend (interview)