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An archive of 25 years of British dance

"What to some is splendid entertainment, to others is merely tedium and fidgets"


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     Candoco          |96 Parkinson/ Claid/ Bhuller/ Falk

     Caracalla Dance Theatre    |93 Dancing through Beirut's war

     Joel Carreño     |05 Ballet Nacional de Cuba gala     |05 Giselle     |04 Havana Ballet Festival

     Nigel Charnock    |12 Tribute   |12 Obituary

     Janine Charrat     |17 Obituary

     Yvette Chauviré     |16 Obituary

     Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui    |11 How manga comics became a dance (interview)    |11 TeZukA    |11 Apocrifu    |10 Shoes    |09 Tribute to Diaghilev (3 choreographers interviewed)    |05 zero degrees (with Akram Khan)

     Lucinda Childs    |11 Dance, Barbican    |11 Highlights of 2011    |02 White Oak Dance Project: Childs/ Rainer/ Hawkins    |01 Baryshnikov gets radical (interview)    |01 PASTForward: the Judson Church radicals

     Circus   |05 Circus Oz     |97 Is it circus, is it dance?

     Michael Clark   |06 Bad boy with good friends (interview)    |06 Stravinsky and choreography     |04 Back in love with ballet (interview)    |04 Baryshnikov Solos with Piano, Barbican    |03 Oh My Goddess     |01 Before & After: The Fall    |98 Return from a dance with danger (interview)

     The Clark Brothers    |02 Shuffling off the bad times (Steve & Jimmy Clark interview)

     Mary Clarke    |15 Obituary

     Robert Cohan    |21 Obituary     |05 Forest, Phoenix Dance     |96 Stabat Mater, Rambert

     Alina Cojocaru   |14 A miss for Swan Lake     |13 ROH final Mayerling     |13 Cojocaru interview on her departure from RB: 'I'll always be grateful, even for the lies'     |13 Ten questions for Alina Cojocaru    |12 The Dream     |09 Back on stage after injury   |05 Swan Lake    |04 The two graces (Cojocaru & Rojo)    |04 Classic ballerina duos    |04 Cojocaru/Kobborg at the Havana Ballet Festival    |03 Arch rivals: pointe shoes    |02 Who’s taking off in 2002     |02 Royal Ballet stars injury crisis     |02 First Mayerling    |02 Swanderful (interview)    |01 New stars of dance    |01 Giselle

     Lesley Collier    |95 Lesley's brilliant career: retirement interview

     Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu     |01 Un Nioc de Paradis, Woking Dance Umbrella

     Adam Cooper    |09 Adam is the dancing king  (interview)   |05 Glamorous liaison (Cooper & Wildor interview)    |04 Singin’ in the Rain    |02 Dancing in a minefield (Cooper & Wildor interview)    |02 On Your Toes    |01 Onegin (Rojo, Cooper, Cojocaru)     |99 And they lived happily ever after (Cooper & Wildor interview)    |97 On quitting the Royal Ballet for AMP (interview)     |96 Bourne's Swan Lake West End premiere     |96 Preparing Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

     Keith Cooper    |98 From the Crush Bar to the wine bar

     Joaquin Cortés   |96 A mover and a shaker (interview)

     Richard Cragun    |12 Obituary

     Anthony Crickmay     |20 Obituary

     Clement Crisp    |22 Obituary (Telegraph)     |22 Obituary interview (The Arts Desk)     |01 Interview (Ballet.Co Forum)

     Critics     |15 Critics are not writing for dancers

     Merce Cunningham   |19 Global centenary wake          |10 After a dance-maker dies: choreographers’ legacy    |10 The late Merce Cunningham     |09 In memoriam    |05 Event, Barbican   |04 The music of chance (interview)    |02 High priest of pure movement (interview)    |00 Biped, Barbican     |00 Who is the greatest? Cunningham and Taylor in London     |97 Ocean, Belfast    |97 Dance master who broke all the rules (interview)

     Cuban ballet    |19 Alicia Alonso obituary     |13 Fernando Alonso obituary      |08 Alberto Alonso obituary    |07 The Messerer dynasty       |05 BNC Gala (Swan Lake, Don Q etc)          |05 Giselle (Valdes, Carreño), BNC     |04 How Cuba became a hothouse of ballet (Alonso interview at Havana Ballet Festival)    |98 Cometh the hour, cometh the man (Acosta interview)

     John Curry    |95 John Curry biography

     Sinead, Sorcha and Niamh Cusack     |90 Performing Chekhov's sisters

     Margaret Dale   |10 Obituary

     Dance training    |15 State of British dance training

     Dance Umbrella   |03 25th anniversary gala    |03 Twenty-five years of Dance Umbrella 03    |95 Dance's fairy godmother (Val Bourne interview)

     Henry Danton     |22 Obituary

     Rudi van Dantzig     |12 Obituary

     Siobhan Davies    |02 Plants and Ghosts, Upper Heyford airfield   |02 Prepare for take-off (interview)    |99 ‘I probably can’t win’ (working in the RB)    |99 Wild Air     |97 The Art of Touch, Bank          |95 Wild Translations, The Glass Blew In

     Christopher Dean     |96 Dean's first ballet is for ENB (interview)     |95 T&D swirl into the sunset

     Derek Deane    |02 Tutus at dawn at ENB    |00 Deane quits ENB (interview)     |00 It's part of my job to entertain (interview)     |99 Swan Lake in-the-round     |95 Curiouser and curiouser (interview)

     Derevo    |13 Harlekin    |03 Islands in the Stream    |01 Absolute clowns (interview Anton Adassinski)    |98 The Red Zone

     Design     |15 Yolande Sonnabend obituary     |12 Lighting designer Michael Hulls (interview)     |10 John Macfarlane and Peter Farmer on designing Cinderella (interview)    |09 How to design The Nutcracker (Macfarlane, Scarfe, McDonald, with visuals)    |06 The great ballet designers (Farmer, Sonnabend, Georgiadis)  

     Serge Diaghilev    |10 Staging the V&A Diaghilev exhibition (Jane Pritchard interview)    |09 Tribute to Diaghilev (3 choreographers interviewed)    |06 Stravinsky’s ballets (Dance Now)     |02 Diaghilev sale at Sotheby’s    |97 Drummond on Diaghilev    |95 Markova recreates Le Rossignol    |92  Markova: The child who cast a spell on Diaghilev

     Anthony Dowell    |15  Swan Lake production’s final bow   |03 Becoming Ugly Sisters (Dowell & Wayne Sleep interviewed)    |01 A mixed blessing at the ballet     |01 Dowell’s last programme    |01 Dowell tribute gala    |01 Roundup of 2001

     Nicholas Dromgoole     |23 Obituary

     John Drummond    |97 Drummond on Diaghilev (interview)     |97 Drummond's radio series on dance crisis

     Isadora Duncan    |09 Sublime or ridiculous? MacMillan’s Isadora        |99 Turning Point: Isadora Duncan's London debut, 1900      |91 Ninette de Valois on Isadora's impact

     Viviana Durante    |00 Farewell for now, Viviana (interview)     |99 Durante walks out          |99 Ondine          |96 Anastasia

     Dutch National Ballet    |12 Rudi Van Dantzig obituary    |98 Van Manen programme    |98 DNB chief Wayne Eagling (interview)

     DV8 Physical Theatre    |12 Nigel Charnock obituary    |07 Tanya Liedtke obituary     |05 Just For Show    |03 An inspired outsider (Newson interview)    |99 The Happiest Day of My Life     |99 How to make a big splash (Newson interview)    |95 Enter Achilles

     Wayne Eagling    |98 The man who said too much (interview)

     Earnings in arts    |11 How arts compares in earnings

     Thomas Edur & Agnes Oaks   |01 Treading water beautifully (includes interview)

     Boris Eifman    |12 Prepared to face the critics (interview)

     Mats Ek    |13 Carmen, RB     |99 Dark side of the fairy-tale (interview)     |99 Ek's Giselle, Edinburgh     |99 Cullberg Ballet, Ek programme, Edinburgh

     Edward Elgar    |15 Michael Kennedy’s search for Elgar secret   |11 Was Elgar’s enigma a lovechild named Pearl?

     Violetta Elvin          |21 Obituary

     English National Ballet    |12 Rojo appointed ENB director    |02 Beyond tights and tutus (Matz Skoog interview)    |01 Treading water beautifully  |00 Derek Deane quits ENB: interview     |00 It's part of my job to entertain (Deane interview)     |95 Curiouser and curiouser     |92 What Pamela did to Peter (Schaufuss interview)

     Eva Evdokimova    |09 Obituary

     Peter Farmer    |17 Obituary  |10 Designs on The Nutcracker    |08 Bolshoi La Sylphide designs    |06 The kiss of life for a dying art?      |06 The great ballet designers (Farmer, Sonnabend, Georgiadis)  

     Suzanne Farrell    |06 Balanchine’s Don Quixote    |06 A passionate love-letter reopened (Farrell interview)    |01 The six o’clock views

     Julia Farron     |19 Obituary

     Viktor Fedotov    |95 Kirov ballet conductor interview

     Sergei Filin     |13 Bolshoi dismisses Nikolai Tsiskaridze    |13 Opinion: Crime and moral evasion    |13 Sergei Filin: I’ll be back    |13 Bolshoi chief attacked with acid  [See Blog for the Bolshoi acid affair in detail]

     Film and dance    |15 Nick Read and Mark Franchetti's Bolshoi Babylon, Richard Curson Smith's Rudolf Nureyev - Dance to Freedom          |11 Dancing Dreams (the staging of Pina Bausch's Kontakthof)     |12 The making of Swan Lake 3D (Matthew Bourne & other interviews)    |11 Wim Wenders’ Pina 3D/ Mariinsky Giselle 3D    |10  Only When I Dance (feature and interviews)    |10 Frederick Wiseman’s portrait of Paris Opera Ballet, La Danse          |93 Ballet on video

     Tamara Tchinarova Finch     |17 Obituary

     Flamenco    |13 Israel Galvan & Farruquito, SWT    |10 Flamenco: the lyrics    |06 Maclovia Ruiz obituary    |02 The stamp of greatness: Eva Yerbabuena interview      |98 Lorca's poetry and dance     |98 Little prince of flamenco: Isaac and Nino de los Reyes interview   |98 Campanas Flamencas  |97 Flamenco's false steps: Antonio Gades interview    |97 Paco Pena's Arte y Pasion          |96 A mover and a shaker: Joaquin Cortes interview

     Michael Flatley   |96 Lording it over the dance (interview)      |95  Riverdance wars     |95 Riverdance, Apollo

     Donatella Flick   |12 Patron of the Flick conducting competition

     Flemming Flindt     |09 Obituary

     Margot Fonteyn   |00 Revival of Marguerite and Armand (Guillem interview)     |91 The day of her death: Nureyev, Markova, de Valois interviewed  

     William Forsythe    |05 Kirov perform Forsythe    |03 If I ever complain, slap me (interview)    |03 Kammer/Kammer    |02 Forsythe quits Frankfurt    |01 The body artist (interview)    |01 Eidos: Telos     |01 Artifact    |98 Higher, wider, deeper, faster (Royal Ballet dancers on Forsythe)    |97 William Forsythe over time (interview compendium)

     Frederic Franklin    |13 Obituary

     Celia Franca    |07 Obituary

     Javier de Frutos    |16 Fiction, Ballet Boyz     |11 No death threats, please (interview)    |09 In the Spirit of Diaghilev, SWT    |09 Tribute to Diaghilev (interview)    |08 On his staging of José Limón for Phoenix (interview)     |08 Cattle Call, Phoenix    |07 Top of the tree (De Frutos at Venice Biennale)    |06 Stravinsky and choreography     |03 Elsa Canasta, Rambert     |02 Top five male nude bottoms    |01 I Hastened Through My Death Scene to Catch Your Last Act, Candoco    |98 Grass