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"What to some is splendid entertainment, to others is merely tedium and fidgets"


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     Antonio Gades    |04 Obituary    |03 Fuenteovejuna    |97 Flamenco's false steps (interview)     |97 Carmen

     Gender and choreography     |16 Opinion: The 'anti-woman' conspiracy in dance     |16 ENB She Said      |13  Forty years of Trocking: Tory Dobrin (interview)     |10 Gang rape in ballet: Thiago Soares on The Judas Tree     

     Nicholas Georgiadis    |06 The designers (Farmer, Sonnabend, Georgiadis)     |96 Master designer views Diaghilev exhibition

     Valery Gergiev    |08 A Tsar on the side of the masses (interview)    |06 London dances to Russia's tunes (interview)

     Angela Gheorghiu    |96 New star's marriage scoop (interview)

     Giselle    |02 Royal Ballet (Stiefel, Corella)   |99 Mats Ek's Giselle

     Evelyn Glennie    |98 The pioneering percussionist

     Matthias Goerne     |97 Music that changed me (interview)

     Martha Graham    |10 After a dancemaker dies    |03 Martha Graham Dance Company, Sadler's Wells      |99 MGDC, Barbican          |97 A choreographer with attitude (Agnes de Mille)    |96 The man who inherited a legend: Ron Protas interview   |96 MGDC, Edinburgh     |92 Graham's autobiography & Agnes de Mille's Graham biography reviewed

     Alexander Grant     |11 Obituary  

     Yuri Grigorovich    |08 Grigorovich returns, Ratmansky leaves    |08 Natalia Bessmertnova obituary    |95 Grigorovich leaves Bolshoi

     Ivor Guest   |18 Obituary

     Sylvie Guillem   |15 Guillem's farewell, Coliseum     |14 'A lot of people hate me. Bon' (interview)    |14 Sacred Monsters (with Akram Khan)     |11 A passion for Japan (interview)    |11 6,000 Miles Away    |09 Ballerina in evolution (compendium of interviews)    |09 Eonnagata    |05 A Month in the Country    |04 Royal Ballet/Paris Opera Ballet gala    |03 The making of Broken Fall (Guillem, Ballet Boyz, Maliphant interviews)    |03 Broken Fall     |02 Sylvie's wake-up call (interview)    |01 The six o’clock views    |00 Guillem with Bejart Ballet     |00 In Fonteyn's footsteps: reviving Marguerite and Armand (interview)    |99 10 years at the Royal Ballet (Guillem interview)     |99 Giselle     |96 Manon designer Georgiadis on costume    |96 Evidentia (dance film)          |95 The truth about Sylvie (interview)          |95 Manon (with Cope)

     Rennie Harris    |03 Students of the Asphalt Jungle     |01 Rome & Jewels

     Evelyn Hart    |97 Not just a difficult dame (interview)          |97 Other Dances, The Leaves are Fading, Giselle, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

     Matthew Hart          |96 On creating an AIDS ballet (interview)     |95 StarLife (interview)     |95 Cinderella, London City Ballet          |95 Peter and the Wolf, RB

     Melissa Hayden     |06 Obituary

     Anne Heaton          |20 Obituary

     John Hegley    |99 Funny poems and dancing (interview)

     Hans-Werner Henze      |12 The ballet of Ondine

     Rosella Hightower    |08 Obituary

     Victor & Lilian Hochhauser    |10 Q&A: the impresarios' life (interview) Part 1 |Part 2       |01 Heroes of our culture

     Stanley Holden     |07 Obituary

     David Howard    |13 Obituary

     Justin Howse    |13 Obituary

     Michael Hulls    |12 Elite lighting designer (interview)    |11 DESH    |10 Afterlight    |09 In the Spirit of Diaghilev, SWT    |09 Eonnagata    |09 Stop Quartet    |03 Broken Fall

     Ann Hutchinson Guest     |22 Obituary

     Ice-skating    |06 Time to recapture that flying feeling    |05 Sleeping Beauty on Ice    |95 Torvill & Dean Farewell Tour   |95 John Curry biography

     Mona Inglesby   |13 Radio 4 documentary: Black-Out Ballet (listen on iPlayer)    |12 The forgotten woman of British ballet    |12 Black-out Ballet Radio 4 documentary transcript    |07 The issue of authenticity (Dance Now)      |06 Obituary     |00 Keeper of old scores (interview)     |00 Aurora's new dawn: Kirov restores original Sleeping Beauty

     Irish dance    |96 Lording it over the dance (Flatley interview)

     Hugh Jackman    |98 Everything is going his way (Oklahoma! interview)

     Jeremy James     |00 Obituary

     Judith Jamison    |02 Ailey company returns to UK (interview)

     Japan    |11 How manga comics became a dance (Cherkaoui & Sawhney interviews)    |11 TeZukA    |11 Sylvie Guillem's passion for Japan: interview    |11 6,000 Miles Away (Guillem)    |09 Eonnagata       

     Zizi Jeanmaire    |20 Obituary          |98 Not Giselle but Carmen (interview)

     Shobana Jeyasingh    |15 Bayadère - The Ninth Life     |05 Flicker    |02 Hinterland    |99 Memory and Other Props, Fine Frenzy      |96 The best of two worlds (interview)

     Joffrey Ballet     |08 Gerald Arpino obituary

     Colin Jones    |11 Ballet photographer extraordinaire (interview & gallery)

     Rosie Kay    |15 5 Soldiers

     Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker          |16 Golden Hours (As you like it)      |99 Drumming      |97 Fase

     Simon Keenlyside    |03 The singer's dance of death: Trisha Brown’s Winterreise (interview)

     Lindsay Kemp   |18 Obituary

     Akram Khan   |16 Kaash     |14 Sacred Monsters (with Sylvie Guillem)     |13 iTMOi     |10 DESH    |09 Solos/Gnosis    |05 zero degrees (with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui)    |02 The creation of Kaash (Akram Khan, Anish Kapoor, Nitin Sawhney interviews)   |02 Kaash    |02 Loose in Flight, Related Rocks    |01 Ancient and modern (Khan & Wayne McGregor interviewed)

     Michael Kidd    |07 Obituary

     Harold King     |20 Obituary     |95 Hart's Cinderella, London City Ballet

     Kirov Ballet     [See Mariinsky Ballet]

     Evgeny Kissin    |12 Kissin Barbican recital

     Johan Kobborg     |13 Last Mayerling, ROH     |08 Kobborg's Bolshoi staging of La Sylphide     |08 ‘I’d jump at the chance to run the Royal Ballet‘ (interview)    |05 Swan Lake     |04 Mayerling    |04 Cojocaru/Kobborg at the Havana Ballet Festival     |03 Out of Denmark     |02 Mayerling   |01 Giselle   |99 New prince of Denmark (interview)   |97 La Sylphide, Scottish Ballet

     Nora Kovach   |20 Istvan Rabovsky obituary      |09 Kovach obituary

     Alfredo Kraus    |92 The war of the four tenors (Kraus interview)

     Tetsuya Kumakawa    |01 And then there were two    |99 What's so special about K Ballet? (interview)     |96 Mr Worldly Wise and the wow factor (interview)     |95 Mr Worldly Wise

     Ninel Kurgapkina    |09 Obituary

     La Sylphide    |08 Johan Kobborg’s Bolshoi staging      |05 Bourne's Highland Fling     |97 Bourne's Highland Fling, Kobborg in Scottish Ballet

     Pierre Lacotte    |23 Obituary     |12 Ballet archaeology: Lacotte Q&A    |04 Recreating The Pharaoh’s Daughter for Bolshoi (interview)  

     La La La Human Steps     |11 La La La Human Steps, SWT    |96 Moving with the times

     Sarah Lamb    |09 Royal Ballet cover girl (interview)

     Maryon Lane    |08 Obituary

     Jessica Lang     |16 Wink, Birmingham Royal Ballet

     Sophie Laplane     |16 Name to watch (in German)

     Brigitte Lefèvre     |00 The French flourish after Nureyev (interview)

     Elisabeth Leonskaja   |18 Wigmore Hall  (Mozart, Webern)     |09 Wigmore Hall (Chopin)

     Olga Lepeshinskaya    |08 Obituary

     Tanja Liedtke    |07 Obituary

     José Limón    |16 The Moor's Pavane, Birmingham Royal Ballet      |08 Master of uninhibited drama

     Bob Lockyer     |22 Obituary

     Ulyana Lopatkina    |11 La Bayadère, Mariinsky ROH    |11  In the Night, Mariinsky ROH     |06 London dances to Russia's tunes (interview)    |05 The soul of Russia (interview)    |04  Magnificent night in the harem    |97 The Kirov's baby ballerina (interview)     |97 Fokine's two Dying Swans          |97 Swan Lake (with Zelensky), Coliseum

     Moura Lympany     |93 Moura comes back from the brink (interview)

     Gillian Lynne   |18 Obituary